Sunday, September 11, 2005

Trip to Arcata, California August 29, 2005

This is the first photo on our trip and what a perfect way to start out. In some town, CA we pulled over for gas and found Stoner Drive, how appropriate. Posted by Picasa

Just as I'm taking the picture a Fucking COP drives by! That's him in the background. Posted by Picasa

One last photo before that cop comes back and busts us for expired tags! Posted by Picasa

2nd night of our trip

Our first night we stayed at some random hotel in some random town. Our second night, we met up with Shane & Jessie in Fort Bragg. We splurged on a suite. Posted by Picasa

With such a nice big bath tub with fireplace, you think we'd be in it instead of watching SNL. For the record, I did get in it later. Posted by Picasa

Smoke or ghost? Posted by Picasa

Mazzy barked so much I thought we were going to get kicked out of our suite! Posted by Picasa

Jory's "man purse". Posted by Picasa

Someone spilled. Posted by Picasa

Hey sexy! Posted by Picasa

Day 3 begins

We had a beautiful view from our suite. Posted by Picasa

The room with the view. Posted by Picasa

Bridge over the Bay. Posted by Picasa

Shane & Jessie on Balcony of the suite. Posted by Picasa

Jory & his fur scarf, Mazzy. Posted by Picasa

Bay at Fort Bragg, taken from the balcony of our suite. Posted by Picasa

Bridge again. Posted by Picasa

So serene. Posted by Picasa

Jessie & Shane in our suite, time to hit the road. Posted by Picasa

Rocky Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Posted by Picasa

Day 3 driving from Fort Bragg to Arcata.

Five minutes on the road and we're already pulling over! We had to, check out that view! Posted by Picasa

Jory and Mazzy taking in the view. Posted by Picasa

More pretty. Posted by Picasa

Speachless Posted by Picasa