Friday, October 27, 2006

Angel of Hope

Salt Lake City Cemetery

The Christmas Box Angel aka The Angel of Hope


And you'll never guess what I saw as I was leaving. I got in my car and drove around the back of the Angel and was stunned to find 2 deer. I immediately turned my car off and pulled out the camera.

See that tree in the middle of the deer, the Angel is right behind it on the right.
Crazy don't you think?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Our Escape Part 1

We have arrived at my brother Shane's house in Star Valley, WY the evening of Friday Sept. 15, 2006.

Shane & Jessie's dog Sage was excited to see us.

It was pretty cold outside when we got there. With snow in the mountains and horrible weather the entire drive through Utah and WY, we were crossing our fingers for good weather.
Mazzy sniffing around, happy to be off her leash.

Of course it's snowing.

I don't know why we get surprised when it snows on us, it's just our luck.

The sun came out!
Against our grief books and pamplet's orders, Shane took us to shoot guns!

Shane shooting clay pigeons

Jory's turn

Jessie & Jory taking a break



Sage helping Jory pick up left over pigeons

After a theraputic day of shooting guns, Jory & Shane pack up.

"Lucy" in Alpine, WY

Shane bought a Rhino for his birthday. Him and Jory were heading for a ride.

Shane & Jory "camophlaged"

My boys

Whole Lotta Love

Shane, Jessie & Sage going for a ride

Proof that I was there too


The next day my parents came up to join in on the shooting, oh and I guess to see us.
My step-dad Gary is taking a turn shooting Jessie's 22 sniper rifle.
I took a turn later, I must say I was a good shot.

My baby brother Christopher "Sharing" his snack with me.

Christopher's girlfriend Fawn had no idea I was sneaking a picture of her.

Brothers admiring the new toy

Topher licking Fawn upon my request

Love Birds

The only picture I was able to take of Ozzy, Mazzy's brother.
That is a diaper you see around his waste. Dog's don't like it when
you shoot guns. Most of them pee at the sound. Mazzy however
never pee'd and ended up being a very good girl while every shot guns.

The perfect poser, Mazzy

Jessie loading her 22 rifle

The target

Fall leaves

Jory, Mazzy, Sage & I took the Rhino for a ride to get some pictures of the fall leaves.

Trees on the golf course

I decided to take some photos while I was driving the Rhino.
I'm surprised at what good shots I got because I was literally shooting them while driving.

The day we left for SLC to take Jory to the airport, we gave Mazzy a bath. I had Jory snap some pictures because Shane wanted to see what she looked like wet. This is Mazzy wet.