Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cinco De Mayo - Moab 2006

Off to Moab we go...

We arrived in Moab at midnight, after stopping at every sold out hotel in town we started thinking we might have to sleep in the car. On our way out of town, we stopped one last time and thankfully they had a room and accepted pets!

Click on photo to enlarge Jory's Big Bird!

One of only two pics of me...he he he!

So we're sitting around and I saw this Honda drive down the trail and I think to myself...What a Dumbass, his Honda won't make it!

Surprise Surprise!

Jory and Rod to the rescue!

Dumbass trying to dig himself out

Mazzy and I were chillin' on the rock watching the action down below.

She's sooo DAMN Cute!

The Big Strong Men are trying to push the car out while Dumbass' girlfriend puts it in reverse.
Didn't work
They even tried those plastic plates you use when you get stuck in the snow.

Those didn't work either.

So they called in the Big Guns

The Big Strong Men watch as the Big Gun pulled out the Dumbass' car


She asked me if was going to post these pictures, DUH.

Dumbass thanks Big Strong Jory as they leave.

See that tiny tent to the's a child's tent and Rod slept in it ;)

That's my Beautiful Jory J!

Yep that's Rod and that's his tiny tent.

Our nightly routine of watching the sunset on the rock.

Jory hates having his photo taken.

Breath taking!

This is why I love moab so much!

This cloud looks like a womans profile to me.

Sara taking a nap the next day

Cooper, Jeff and Leslie hanging out in the shade

Mazzy hated being stuck on her leash the whole time, but she seemed to have a great time.

Cooper checkin' out Jory's bum...oh wait, that's me!

I made a dutch oven breakfast for everyone, so Jory got stuck with clean up duty.

Lena enjoying some music on the rock

Jeff and Leslie

Mazzy finally relaxed and decided her Kennel was a nice place to chill.

Sunset time again

Leslie needed some lovin' from Mama Sara

Cooper running down to get his camera

Not sure what Jory is demonstrating in this pic?

Taking a photo of Lena taking a photo of me

Mazzy hated when anyone ran up the rock, she's so protective of Mama.

Cute Cooper pulling a face

Jory trying to show me his annual Moab "owe-ie". He got a huge blister on his thumb from trying to hammer stakes in the ground.

It's that Damn Cute Cooper again, such a smart boy!

Lena & Sara

Lena & Leslie

Here comes Jeff!

Another Successful Sunset

It's Camera Time

Son & Father

The entire group

Yes, this is The Rock we were married on, by Sara

Mazzy loved playing on the rocks

Rod's May 2006 Calendar Cover...ha ha ha!

Leslie taking Vanity shots of herself for her MySpace


More Vanity shots ;)

She's so cute

Rod's July 2006 Calender Cover =)

Lovely Leslie

Me making fun of Leslie...doing my own Vanity shot! LMAO!

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