Friday, November 03, 2006

Our Escape Part 2

Sunday October 8, 2006
Some where in the canyon above Shane's house
in Star Valley, Wyoming.

We planned a theraputic afternoon... shooting a bunch of GUNS!

My brother Shane, shooting clay pigeons.

Jory & Shane

My sister inlaw, Jessie is refilling the pigeon shooter.


Refilling, again.

Shotgun Shells

What used to be a Phone Book

Searching for .45 bullet remnants from what's left of the phone book

The .22 Targets

Hey Mr. Squirll!

NO, we didn't shoot the squirll! We are "hippies" after all.

"Sniper" Shane shooting the .22

TombRaider III
Joey Croft

Yes, that's me DOUBLE FISTING two .22 pistols!
If you haven't ever tried this, you're missing out on some serious fun.

Family Fun

Shooting Up some phone books

Anger Management

Jory shooting a .45 and me with my TombRaider .22's

Jessie's turn to take on the .22's

Jessie's attempting to shoot a clay pigeon with the .22's, Shane's on backup.

Jory & Mazzy in the background triggering the pigeons.

Jory with a .22 rifle & me with my favorite .22 pistol

Shooting clay pigeons with...

...Shane on backup with his shotgun.

Time to reload

Click on the picture to enlarge
If you enlarge the picture you can see the shotgun shell in mid air.

This one too.

Best Friends
Sage & Mazzy

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Mr. E Mann said...

It definitely looks like a fun and theraputic up there shooting with Shane and Jessie! Especially the Tomb Raider Double Fist shooting. :) I bet Harley would have had a great time with Mazzy and Sage.