Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dead Horse Point, Moab, Utah

April 20, 2007
Dead Horse Point, Moab Utah

Jory thought he'd be funny and climb over the barrier. Moments later, we could see why the barrier was there. That rock he was about to step on was practically paper thin!

Casey, Diane (Jory's dad's ladyfriend ;), part of Ken (Jory's dad) & Cody

Diane & Ken

Natures Pyramid or Alien?

Mazzy's hoping dad doesn't decide to climb over the barrier again!

Little Jimi on her first camping trip

This is my attempt to take a picture of the scary drop to death, but because I suffer from severe vertigo I could only lean so far out with the camera in one hand and the other hand holding Jimi's leash, hoping she wouldn't decide to go Dare Devil on me and find out what I was taking a picture of.

Mazzarella trying to get at Jimi

Father & Son

Don't you hate those inbetween standing and sitting pictures?
Makes you look like you're pooping!

Jory has no fear.
Leaning over backwards on a cliff taking a self portrait.

See those two tiny dots on the road below? We're almost 100% sure that it's Michael & Michelle on their bikes. Pretty crazy that we happen to catch them just as they were riding on that road.

When we told my brother Shane that we were getting married in Moab, he told me we should do it at Dead Horse Point. I hadn't been there since I was 9 years old so I didn't really understand why. As we walked down the trail, we found out why.

There's no better backdrop then Dead Horse Point to get married
Maybe someday we'll renew our vows there.

He is my world.

I love him

Jory's pointing out how thick and "secure" this rock is that I wouldn't let him climb out on.

Jimi in the kennel, Mazzy under the blanket.

cody, michelle, rod and maria

casey, michael, cody and michelle

hey sexy

jimi & mazzy on my lap, wearing their new $3 sweaters to keep warm at night.

i can't get enough of him

We were more then excited that Michael and Michelle were able to make it down.

Tilda and Michelle, we love you guys!




Jory said...

That was a pretty fun trip. Too bad we didn't get a picture of the old people that were doing it in the bathroom, or of the camp host that scolded us for being too loud.

Michelle said...

Old people doin' it in the bathroom!?!?! I don't remember that part! ;-)

We had a ton of fun, thanks for sharing the pics!

Mr E Mann said...

;) Where's the goggles, Jory? Still rocking the hat though I see.

Looks like you had a fun time and there were a lot of great pics in the bunch! There's nothing like good old Southern UT fun...Wish we could have joined you.

Hope all the house stuff is coming along ok. :)