Friday, October 05, 2007

Christopher & Fawn's Wedding

Christopher & Fawn's Wedding
Saturday August 25, 2007
Smithfield, Utah

Everyone is arriving. I'm chillin' with my new newphew.

This is why I always take the photos, YUCK!

Party Animal Haiden looks like he's passed out after the party,
except this was before the party actually started.

Our aunt made the tux for him, it fit perfectly in July.
I couldn't get the top velcro closed, apparently he's a growing boy.

Munchkin/Kaidi and Smiley/Krissy were the flower girls
and Sprout/Kayla was the Maid of Honor

I got to hold Haiden through the ceremony

It's time...

Here Comes The Bride....

During rehearsal I told them to expect Kaidi to do whatever she wants, it's what makes the event all the more special. I learned from a friend who got married when her daughter was 2 years old, they wanted her to be a part of the ceremony but if she got upset or decided to run around, they weren't going to fight her. The best pictures were of her running around.
I'm so glad no one tried to stop her.
As you can see, she joined her sister.

3 Red & 3 White

Jessie, Shane & Grandma K

Sprout, Smiley, Mystery girl & Munchkin

I love this look

and this one

Smiley not so smiley

Fawn's family minus Smiley

I love the "in between" photos
They all seem to be messing with their dresses

Little Angel



Look there's me and Jory

Me & Sara...we're the hair flip girls

You realize, had Haiden not been in this pic I wouldn't be posting it.
I hate pictures of myself.

The Family
Minus Jason, Pim and the 3 princesses
(L to R)
Dad, Mom, Jessie, Shane, Fawn, Haiden, Christopher, Me, Jory & Colby
(and the pups)

Everyone did a great job decorating the yard, the lights were beautiful!

Juli spending quality time with Mazzy

Candles hanging from the old clothes line

A sign that the party is over
I will be adding a few more pics soon.

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