Friday, December 14, 2007

Miami Beach, Florida - Part 2

(Captions not all added, still working on it.)

Jory Playing with his Gamer shirt Nintendo controller

Josh giving Alex some love

English girl Josh liked, Ingrid and Carl


Super cute Jory

No Press!

Our super comfy bed at the Rodeway Inn

Slate wall shower with glass wall

Tiny desk & TV

Hotel Hallway

Our room

Kung Foo Fighters

It's like they were dancing

Our Beach Front sidewalk

Standing by the car, there's the ocean
75 feet away!

Jory lookin' for naked chicks on the beach.

Rodeway Inn on Ocean Terrace,
1 block east of Washington Ave.

Super Kool Rental Car

2008 Dodge Caliber

Our Beach, right across the tiny street from our hotel.

Jory enjoying the fresh Florida air
while smoking ;) on our beach.

Our Beach was pretty isolated and almost empty.

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