Friday, December 14, 2007

Florida Videos!

My super kool camera has video with sound so yeah I had fun...Here we go!

In our hotel room, first video taken:

Loving SOBE (South Beach) Miami Beach, FL:

We all know Jory hates his photograph taken, now he has to put up with video!

This was Saturday night, it was really windy but still so nice and warm!

I was playing around with the settings on this super kool new camera and while videoing the beach Jory asked me to video something...I'm still not sure what it was because it never ended up on film.

Meant to take a picture of Jory at the Miami airport, instead we got video!

Lastly, here's Miami from the sky.

1 comment:

Joey said...

I have no idea why the first video is so pixalated, they were all taken with the same settings. But I'm done messing with them so you'll just have to deal with it.