Monday, August 14, 2006

The Dart Game

Let the games begin!


Tom waiting so patiently for his turn

Tom's 1st throw, nice gay arm! ;)

Mazzy is staring at her daddy who is out of the picture.
Every time Jory walked too far away, Mazzy had a panic attack.

Do your pants hang low, do they wobble to and fro...

There's my man, wearing my stolen UGG clogs!

Eric's turn

There's Jory wearing my Dead shirt!

There's Drunk Steve


There must have been a Donkey Show going on behind that tree,
there are quite a few pictures I took where people are gathered behind that tree!

See Jory's expression, looks like he's seeing a Donkey Show for the first time!

Sneaking a peek at Avi who was sleeping on the spare bedroom

I think Tom liked getting his picture taken, because he stood in front of me the entire night.
That or he liked to show me his ass!

Mazzy keeping a watchful eye on Jory

Needed a smoke after the Donkey Show? ;)

They let Tom keep score?
Maybe that's why he always wins?

Scary and Sexy all at the same time!

Eric...doin' nothin'

See I was there too!

Mazzy can't help but be cute!

Trouble & Steve waiting their turns

"No Press!"

We hadn't seen Scott in years, so it was nice to get to see him

Still smoking...I was so jealous!

April finding some inconsistencies in the scoring?

Watch this throw...

That's right...he threw it on the roof! LOL!

I guess Wil (Jory says he only has on L) has a flashlight on the end of his cell phone? Sounds silly to me, but he was trying to point the way so Eric could pull the dart down with the rake!

The rake wasn't really working

Trouble volunteers to be thrown on the roof!
Apparently this was too entertaining because
I didn't take photos of her on the roof or getting off.

Drunk Steve's turn

This is why I call him Drunk Steve

However, he was still able to play

Tom helping Steve keep score

Rod & Eric having a good time

Mazzy, you're so cute!

Jory, you're so cute!

Peeking in on Avi again!

Athena was taking pics of Avi sleeping
Avi's has a lot of fans!

Rod, Scott & Eric

Jory & Tom

Jory & Tom


Rod & Tom

Drunk Steve passed out again while April aka Trouble continued to talk to him.

What's a dart game without an audience?

Athena joined me in trying to mess with the players by flashing them as they threw their darts.

1 comment:

Mr. E Mann said...

Man I was damn drunk by the time we got that game rocking. LOL and my first try at an underhand ended up on the roof. ;)

I also broke the bottom out of the bowl on my beautiful steam-roller while trying to clean in drunkenly in the dark! :( I hate breaking pieces!

It was a fun party though and it was great to get to see you and Jory and again!