Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Shane & Jessie's House Star Valley, WY

I'm a huge looser and didn't pull out the camera until the afternoon we left. So I have ZERO pictures of Shane, Jessie or the family BBQ we had. But feel free to enjoy the photos I took right before we left for Logan.
The fancy living room, they never hang out in!
Shane says he's sat on that couch a total of three times.

Their Gorgeous Kitchen
(sorry about the lighting)

View of the Dinning room from behind the couch in the living room

Fabulous Fireplace in the Fancy Living room

Jory in "our" bathroom

He can even "No Press" when he's brushing his teeth.

Double "No Press"

It was so much fun to watch Mazzy run and slide on the wood floors

Mazzy hanging with her friend Mr. Bear

Which one doesn't belong?

Mazzy guarding her TREAT

Enjoying her Treat


Mr. E Mann said...

I love their place! Looks huge and nice. Reminds me of our Eureka house with more wood. I wish you guys could have come and stayed with us there (5 bedrooms so we had plenty of space). It sucked to be in Eureka but the house was 1/2 million dollar home that was only 4 years old. Oh well, we'll move up in the world again soon. :)
Are you two going to move to a house again or planning to stay in apartment for awhile?

Joey Girl said...

Their house is HUGE and SUPER nice. I was shocked at how beautiful and perfect it was.

We are definitely planning on moving into a house! As soon as Jory starts working, we'll start looking to buy. There is NO WAY we can fit a baby with all the shit you need in our apartment, unless of course we moved all our storage out to an actual storage center.