Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Party at Rod's

Let the Party Begin!

My Two True Loves
Jory & Mazzy!

We were so happy Robby & Regina stopped by for a visit

Eric, a friend of Rod's and Michelle
We were excited when Michelle and Michael surprised us with their presence!

Athena & Avi

It's blurry, but Avi is so damn cute it I had to include it!

Mom & Daughter

The night would not have been complete without Sara!
I Luff You!

Eric, Mystery Man, Tom & Michelle
This is my favorite pic of Michelle, Ever!


Michelle said...

Thanks Joey!!! You are too sweet!

Regina said...

I look totally PREGO in that pic of me! What the hell! No more pics from the side!

I guess I'm just not working hard enough at the gym 3 days a week! Shit...

Mr. E Mann said...

It was great to get to see all the people at the party. We hadn't gotten to see Robbie/Regina, Michael/Michelle in a long time and Steve/Kirsten in awhile. Everyone was looking good and seemed to be doing well, so that's good.

Rod's friend is Brian. He's a nice guy.

Looks like you got a bunch of good pics. ;)

Joey said...

I fixed it Regina!